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Their Owner Throw Them Like A Trash, But Little Puppies Don't Deserve that- Dog Rescue Story


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Today, When I was cleaning the neighborhood, I heard crying from a garbage can.
I take a closer look, look watch I found….
There were 2 puppies inside, about 1 month old
Poor Little Puppies, Someone evil has thrown them in the trash
They abandoned them like a trash, they don’t derserve own a dog

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Something About Me:
Hello everyone, I'm a Farmer, who live in a small village in South Asia, the weather is warm and wet here most of the year, so street cats and dogs breed a lot and they cannot protect their kittens or puppies, some are abandoned, some are lost from their mother. Most are Wild Animal, And there is no veterinarian here and no pet stores. People here are very poor and don't care about stray animals and they don't rescue Dogs or Cats. There is no shelters for animals, So I just want to help with them with my ability. I love animal especially dogs and cats. The goal of the channel is to show this suffering and motivate people to do what they can to help animals, If you love animals like me, Together we can change the world. Thank you for reading that.

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